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It is never easy to figure out what to wear on a date. How many times have you looked at your closet before one and thought to yourself that you literally have nothing to wear? It makes no difference if you just went shopping. Dressing for a date during the winter is even more of a challenge. You cannot just throw on a dress and heels and go out the door. It is never sexy to look like an icicle. If you’re in need of some inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

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Here are date night looks that will work for the cold weather:

1. Brunch DateWInter Brunch Date

Brunch dates are usually more casual affairs. If you like to wear dresses, a sweater dress is casual (and warm!) enough for the occasion. Make it look polished with patterned tights, over-the-knee boots and a pastel coat.

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2. Movie DateWinter Movie Date

You may be sitting in a dark movie theater for the majority of your date, but you still want to look nice. A pair of wide leg pants and a blouse are dressy but comfortable enough that you won’t be fidgeting for the whole two hours.

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3. Dinner DateWinter Dinner Date

You never know if the restaurant you are going to is going to be toasty warm or not. A layered look is the way to go. Wear a furry vest with your favorite pair of leather leggings and a blouse.

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4. Formal DateWinter Formal Date

If you are going out somewhere fancy, you normally would go for a dress, right? You could wear a long-sleeved dress, but a skirt and blouse offer more versatility. Pair them with a furry jacket and dressy booties.

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