Yesterday, I gave you some dress ideas for your Winter Formal and promised some more today. Welp, here you go. This time, all you need is a 20 spot. Yeah, 20 bucks! Woo! Just one more reason we *HEART* Alloy so much!!

Red Trapeze Dress from Alloy, $19.99

Red Trapeze Pocket Dress from Alloy, $19.99

Love this dress, and love the red! Red is the color to command attention. And you could so wear this again. A great shoe, an up-do and a few gold bangle bracelets will make you look like the star you are. ;)

Scoopneck Babydoll Dress from Alloy, $19.99

Scoopneck Babydoll Dress from Alloy, $19.99

Another cutie that you’ll wear again and again. With the short sleeves, this one’s a little more casual, but with the right jewelry (think layering short strands of chunky pearls with long strands of smaller pearls) and a sky-high black patent shoes, this dress would rock it out.

Love these? Check out Alloy’s site. They’ve got a few others that just might fit the bill, but these were my faves! :)