Do you eat animals, and lots of them? Do you feel zero reservations about that? Would you like to broadcast that fact to the world via your choice of accessories? Then check out this nifty bacon scarf, a trompe l’oeil so realistic that dogs will be chasing you down the street.

Made of 100% silk and created by Swiss designer Natalie Luder, this scarf bears the clever name “Fou Lard,” a play on the French words for crazy (fou), bacon (lard) and scarf (foulard). I’m honestly surprised none of the people in the Dadaist movement thought of that back when they were being super silly with words and objects. Point Luder. Plus, its print is realistic enough so that people might think you have bacon in your hair, which is always fun.

Of course, as a vegan, I find it horrifying, but I know at least a few people who’d love to receive it as a gift, and I bet you do, too.