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Once upon a time, fashion was something I actually tried to avoid. As a rather bookish girl I felt  I couldn’t be bothered with it. Nothing I picked out would look good on me anyway, right? Then the blogging boom of 2006 (as I like to call it) changed all that.

Seeing young women who looked like me confidently sharing their #OOTD posts all over the interwebs gave my perpetually style-challenged self hope. While I’m certainly no Lauren Conrad, my personal style has come a long way and I owe it all to the ladies of the fashion blogosphere.

If you’re in need some of a style pick-me up, here are eight fashion bloggers of color whose killer personal style will have you stalking their blogs for hours.

1. Love Brown Sugar

love brown sugar christina s brown via lovebrownsugar instagram

(Photo via Instagram)

Christina S. Brown is the amazing plus-size style blogger behind Love Brown Sugar. When she’s not serving you glowing skin and killer hair, she’s busy running her second website Baby Brown Sugar.

2. Kitties + Couture 

maria morales via instagram

(Photo via Instagram)

Maria Morales is a marketer and self-described “shoe addict” living in San Francisco. If you want to catch glimpses of her shoes (trust me, you do) and her adorable cat, you can check out her Instagram account here.

3. Gorgeous In Grey

gorgeous in grey ty alexander via gorgeousingrey instagram

(Photo via Instagram)

If you never thought you’d envy someone for going grey early, you probably haven’t seen Ty Alexander’s blog Gorgeous in Grey. The former fashion editor went grey in her twenties and has been rocking the hell out her hair ever since. She’s also been known to rock a pretty awesome statement necklace or two.

4. Phashionable 

tina phan via instagram

(Photo via Instagram)

Phashionable blogger Tina Phan is, hands down, one of the most stylish lawyers you’ve ever seen. Her style is the perfect marriage between edgy and elegant.

5. LaBelleMel

melanie yu via instagram

(Photo via Instagram)

I’m convinced that there’s literally nothing that Melanie Yu can’t do. Not only is she a fashion blogger, she works in marketing and as a photographer. And her winter coat game is nothing to sniff at either.

6. Patricia Bright

patty bright via patricia bright instagram

(Photo via Instagram)

The best thing about British blogger and vlogger Patricia Bright is that she’s as stylish as she is inspirational. Her videos are go-tos when you need a little pick-me up for your wardrobe and your life.

7. Curious Fancy 

ragini via instagram

If you love Zooey Deschanel’s style then you’ll probably adore Ragini Nag Rao’s fashion sense. When she isn’t busy serving her enviable manic pixie dream girl style, she also pens some pretty good articles over at Rookie.

8. The Feisty House 

krystal via the feisty house instagram

                             (Photo via Instagram)

Reading Krystal Scott’s blog The Feisty House, sort of feels like visiting with your really stylish, really upbeat BFF. What I love most about her blog is that you’ll leave with new wardrobe ideas and the motivation you start setting some new life goals.