Are you getting married soon? Do you find yourself strapped for dress money? Do you have a heartbreaking story to tell? Today might be your lucky day, then, because a New York blogger recently snagged a very nice Jessica McClintock gown for the low price of one penny, and is offering to give it away to whoever emails her with the best story by October 1st.

It all started when dating blogger Yue Xu went with her friend to futz around in Nordstrom Rack trying on gaudy dresses. A non-gaudy wedding dress caught her eye when she saw that it was marked down from $275 to $.01. Both women went into the dressing room to try stuff on.

Via Singlefied:

A couple minutes later, Vanessa comes out in a hot pink, one-shoulder, ruffled silk chiffon gown that I jokingly claim to not have enough “pop.”  She is then astonished by my simple yet elegant wedding gown that looks so nice that we can no longer giggle about it.  I exclaim, “If this is $0.01, I’m getting it.”

We rush to the nearest employee and she of course says, “This is a mistake.  I will get the price for you right away.”  She disappears for about 5 minutes while I’m thinking how ridiculous I look right now standing in the middle of the store cradling a wedding gown in my arms.  “You can’t carry a wedding gown like a pair of Levi’s.”  The associate finally comes back, walks briskly to me and whispers, “Yeah, it’s a penny” and bolts out of my sight.

Absolutely bewildered, I still don’t completely believe it.  I carry the gown to the cashier and not surprisingly I hear, “This has to be a mistake.”  Before I know it, 5 employees are gathered around me repeatedly scanning the price tag that repeatedly displays, “$0.01.”  After much debate, a manager shows up, susses out the situation, and deliberates, “This was a price discrepancy and should have never been on the floor, however a customer caught it before an employee did, so per policy, we have to honor the price.”

After getting a deal like that, I’d be tempted to keep the dress as a trophy, but Yue is a better person than me so she’s giving it away. She says she’s not planning on getting married any time soon and the dress is taking up space in her apartment, so she’s going to give it to whichever bride-to-be sends her the most touching and/or interesting story. Any broke size 4’s who want the dress should email her using the contact form on her blog. The world can be a nice place, sometimes.

(Via Racked)