How far would you go to score your dream wedding? Would you:

a.) Save up a bunch of money and compromise on stuff you couldn’t afford,

b.) Go into debt financing a Vera Wang gown and truffled everything, or

c.) Pretend to be dying of cancer and not even let your fiancé know that you are fine?

If you’re Jessica Vega of Montgomery, NY, you choose option c. and feel pretty good about it, at least until you get arrested. Also, you’re an asshole.

The above woman was indicted on five counts of felony grand larceny and one count of scheme to defraud this past Friday after donors found out she faked having terminal cancer in order to get a bunch of free shit for her wedding. According to Radar, her husband didn’t even grow suspicious until a good four months after their honeymoon (which was also free, ‘natch) and demanded a letter of proof from her doctor.

As if this weren’t effed up enough, her (now-ex) husband has since gotten back together with her and had a second child with her, and is now helping her pay her legal bills because “She’s a good mom, and that’s all that counts at the end of the day.” Translation: “This sociopath has brainwashed me into thinking she’s a good role model.” Or, maybe: “I’d rather let a crazy person raise my kids than have to do it all myself.” What a sad man.

Besides the obvious ethical obstacles, faking cancer is sooo 2009. The Hipster Grifter pretty much blew up its spot to the point where it’s just boring and done to death now. Think up your own grift, Jessica.

(Via Radar)