wedding ringsNon-candy treats on Halloween are baloney. No kid wants six pennies tied in a baggie any more than any parent wants to spend days bagging pennies, but some kid in Arizona got a pretty sweet haul this weekend when a woman accidentally threw her wedding ring in with the Halloween candy.

According to ABC News, Brooklin Yazzie’s ring did not even slide off her finger accidentally into the candy bowls. She took the ring off while helping her daughters carve pumpkins, and stuck it in a candy jar for safekeeping. Then, while frazzled from Halloween and needing more candy in the give-away bowl, she just dumped the whole jar in. Whoops.

“I actually had plastic rings in there too, so it wouldn’t have felt much different,” she said. Now some little Elsa or Ninja Turtle

Putting a ring in a candy jar right full of plastic rings before Halloween sounds like a pretty dumb move, but I sympathize because that sounds exactly like something I would do. I’ve thrown away so many credit cards on thoughtless cleaning sprees, it is a wonder my bank does not think I am running some kind of scam.

Yazzie says the ring is not worth much from a monetary perspective. She and her husband got married very young, and she says the ring wouldn’t sell for much.

“If you were to try and pawn it or sell it you could probably get $50 for it. It’s not an expensive ring,” she said. “It’s my wedding ring, you know? I mean you could replace it but it’s not the same.”

Hopefully someone will find it and give it back. It seems like a good, teachable moment for a kid, though I do not envy the parent who has to tell a child that the fancy ring he or she found in the Halloween bag has to be given back.

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