We already know what fashion people think of Fashion Week: they think it is The Greatest. (Or they pretend to be annoyed by it, but secretly think it is The Greatest. Same diff.) But what do regular, non-fashion people think of it? I went to Lincoln Center (and a few other places) and spoke to some people whose occupations take them directly into the line of fire. Some were okay with having their names published, while others were not.


Nut Cart Guy

Me: Hello. What do you think of fashion week? Are you doing a good business?

NCG: No.

Me: The fashion people don’t want nuts?

NCG: Nuts?

Me: Do you think it’s because they’re on diets?

NCG: Diets?

[I get confused and walk away]


Mohammed (pictured), Security Guard Employed By The City

Me: What do you think of Fashion Week?

Mohammed: Fashion Week is just far beyond…they seem so excited. I see people seeming really excited about fashion week.

Me: Have you had to deal with anything annoying so far?

Mohammed: Not really. Most of the people they’re really friendly, and everyone is smiling.


Austin, Guy Who Passes Out Sobe Water

Me: Do you have any thoughts on Fashion Week?

Austin: Not really. Not a big fan of fashion. I’m sorry.

Me: No, that’s good. I want all different perspectives. Why do you dislike fashion?

Austin: I have nothing against fashion, I’m just not a big fan.

Me: So you simply don’t think of Fashion Week.

Austin: Yeah, I have no comment on it really.


Stephen, Bicycle Cop

Me: How has it been working at Fashion Week?

Stephen: I’m doing a lot of overtime…we enjoy these events, you know? You’ve got two choices, you can happy or sad, you know?

Me: How does it compare to other events that you’ve worked at?

Stephen: I’m not really at liberty to make a comment, to be honest with you. Basically we’re just here to keep an eye on everything. We hope everything goes well and everyone has a good time.

Me: Have you had any incidents so far?

Stephen: Not that I’m aware of.

Me: Seems like a pretty docile crowd, but you never know.

Stephen: Hopefully it’ll be a nice evening.


Yavuz, Pedi Cab Driver

Me: What do you think of Fashion Week?

Yavuz: From my point of view I am pedicab driver, I try to get as much customer as possible from fashion week.

Me: Are you doing a good business?

Yavuz: Yeah. They say is not as good as last year, but it’s still not bad. Better than usual.

Me: How do they tip, the fashion people?

Yavuz: They don’t tip.

Me: No!

Yavuz: Yeah!

Me: That’s awful.

Yavuz: It is awful.


Will, Olive, and India, Students At LaGuardia Arts High School

Will: I love Fashion Week. I go to Fashion Week every single year to see the fashionable items, and they’re much too expensive for me, but I think that richer people that have the same sense of fashion would enjoy wearing the clothes that are on display there.

Olive: I was gonna go with my friend’s cousin ’cause she’s this really hot Italian model, but then since it was the first day of school, my parents were like, no way! You gotta like, get your stuff together. And I was like, that sucks. And they were like, yeah, well whatever.

India: Personally I think fashion week is just kind of… [Will: Awesome?] overrated. I mean, I don’t know anything about fashion and I dress mainly for comfort, and stripey socks…but I watch all the trashy fashion shows like Project Runway

Will: They’re not trashy. Tim Gunn! Do you think he’s in there right now??

Olive: I’m not really up on recent fashion, I’m more about vintage clothes and thrift store…

Will: She’s a hipster.

Olive: I’m not a hipster.

Will: She’s a dirty hipster.

Olive: I’m not a hipster.

India: All my clothes come from the Salvation Army…my dad’s a costume maker…

Will: They’re both hipsters. I wear Ralph Lauren most of the time when I can, that’s what I try to do. I rock the pony sometimes.

India: But I mean…fashion week is just…I think it’s much more important to some people than it is to others. And I can’t watch any of the strobe lights, which is a bummer. I have epilepsy.


Lawrence, Cashier at Duane Reade

Me: What do you think of Fashion Week?

Lawrence: I’m enjoying the scenery. So many females.

Me: Has it been busy?

Lawrence: Too busy.

Me: Is that annoying?

Lawrence: No.

Me: That’s sweet. You say you’ve been enjoying the models who come in here?

Lawrence: Very much.

Me: What are they buying?

Lawrence: Cigarettes.


Cab Driver

Me: How do feel about Fashion Week?

Cab driver: Not too happy about it. Not at all. ‘Cause it’s too much traffic and we can’t go through nowhere.

Me: Do the fashion people tip okay?

Cab driver: The fashion people look okay. How’s that?


Bouncer At A Club Where Fashion Parties Happen

Me: How’s it been going for you so far?

Bouncer: It’s Fashion Week, you get used to it. I’ve been working since 7am but who’s counting?

Me: Do you make more money? [He gives me a look like “bitch, please.”]

Bouncer: I get more “you’re an asshole.” More “don’t you know who I am?” Ask any bouncer, they’ll tell you.


UPDATE: Anonymous Drug Dealer

Me: Have you been busy for Fashion Week?

ADD: Yeah, really busy. I’m not gonna lie.