winter coat

Look, I helped you with your winter coat problems, now you must help me.

Remember that scene in Metropolitan (sure you do, you’ve seen Metropolitan like, 40 times) where Nick points out to Tom that he can’t really go through the entire winter wearing only an old raincoat? That is me. I can’t really do that, either. Even if the raincoat is wonderful.

So, this weekend I am off to kill an animal and wear its slain, blood-soaked corpse upon my back. Not really. I’m going to Bergdorf’s. It seems similar, except for being the opposite. I’m looking at some coats. I’ve narrowed it down to “all the coats” so far. No. Six. I’ve narrowed it down to six.

Let’s look at them. And then please vote, in this helpful-for-me poll.

[b5poll id=”4e8874d1aa6a760829ce961d2c8b7e01″].

Pictures via Metropolitan and Bergdorf Goodman