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It’s awkward that so many affordable bridal lines are coming out, because at some point I know I’m going to cave, buy one of the dresses, and end up staging a very confusing wedding with pizza as my groom, and I’m pretty sure my parents wouldn’t approve of that. But I guess it’s fine—at least I’ll be wearing Jenny Packham while it’s happening. 

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Whoops, skipped a step there. Let me backtrack: Jenny Packham’s new bridal collection, Wonder, is available now at David’s Bridal (in select stores and online)! It includes nine different wedding dresses, some of which are available in plus size, 10 bridesmaids dresses, veils, shoes, and two flower girl dresses that are just adorable beyond words. The best part? The most expensive dress goes for $1,500, keeping it on the lower end of the spectrum of wedding gown prices.

One look at the collection will show you why Duchess of Cambridge (and Queen of All Things Style) Kate Middleton is such a huge fan of the brand; it’s all about classic beauty. According to Racked, Packham said in a statement,

“The ‘Wonder by Jenny Packham’ collection epitomizes the grace and glamour I want a bride to feel on her most special day, and it is thrilling to be able to reach so many brides-to-be across the globe through our new partnership.”

BRB, just dashing off real quick to buy a wedding dress that’ll make me feel like Kate Middleton on my special day. It’s not every day that you get to marry your favorite drunk food, after all!

Anyway, read on to take a look at some of my favorite gowns from the collection! Oh, and you’re all invited to my wedding. There’ll be free pizza for everyone, which is weird, considering pizza will be my husband. I think I’ve taken this too far. I’m sorry.

Cap Sleeved Crepe Sheath Wedding Dress ($1,150)

crepe sheath

I’m not a big cap sleeve person IRL, but I think there’s something so elegant about a wedding dress with sleeves.

High Neck Beaded Sheath Cap Sleeve Wedding Dress ($1,350)

beaded sheath

See what I mean? This would be a completely different dress without the sleeves. Also, it’s kind of perfect in all of its sparkly beaded simplicity.

V-Neck Chiffon Wedding Dress with Streamer Detail ($950)


Anyone who’s ever looked at a cape dress and said, “Hey, I like that,” will love this number. There’s nothing more majestic than having fabric float behind you while you walk (or so I’ve been told).

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V-Neck Sheath Wedding Dress with Beaded Detail ($1,400)

sequin wedding dress

For any bride who doesn’t want to go for a traditional white dress on her wedding day, but doesn’t want to sacrifice any drama.

Sleeveless Tulle Dress with Beaded Bodice ($249.95)

tulle dress

This is one of the bridesmaids dresses, and I’m super into the fact that it actually seems like something that could be worn again in a non-bridal setting. Which brings me to my favorite bridesmaid dress in the collection…

V-Neck All Over Sequin Dress with Sleeves ($299.95)

black sequin dress

I’m obsessed. I love it so much. I kind of hope that someone wears this dress on a red carpet while awards season is still going on, so if there are any celebrities out there reading this, feel free to go ahead and heed my advice.

Click here to shop the entire Wonder by Jenny Packham collection now!