Dare I say it? Could Nicole Richie be ‘outstyling’ my style queen Halle Berry during their pregnancies? I mean, I have to say Nicole is looking absolutely FABU here (in L.A. November 7, 2007 shopping, of course!) , and really has been doing the pregnancy fashion thing quite, quite well. Nicole’s looking nice and healthy too (let’s hope she keeps that up…)


This look is very simple, basic all-black, with a touch of red. How easy is that? Effortless. And that is the key to fashion in my book, ladies: Make it look like you just ‘threw it on’, even though you probably racked your brain to put it together. It has to LOOK easy. But us gals know it never is, is it? *Le sigh*…A Hot Mama’s job is never done…

Anyyyhoo, yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve already established that Nicole’s the brave soul rocking crazy high heels being pregnant, but she’s Nicole Richie. I guess she’s supposed to do that? Right? *Shrugs* I dunno… but it’s HOT!

So…um…Same Look For Less, anyone? Here’s what I came up with:

Beanie- Urban Outfitters $24.00 USD

Kimono Maternity top: Old Navy $24.50 USD

Leggings – GAP $19.50 USD

Ankle boots: Aldo ‘Chandlera’ – ON SALE $79.98 USD

Quilted handbag – ON SALE $24.99 USD

Leather jacket – Wilson’s Leather – ON SALE $99.00 USD

Oh, and we can’t forget the shades!


Sunglasses – Fred’s ‘Nicole’ glasses (no kidding, they’re even named after her) $9.00 USD (not a typo!)

C’mon tell me: You likey?

Pic Source: Celebrity Baby Blog