Strapless dresses can be difficult to wear, and it doesn’t help that so much about the strapless dress is blamed on the bust of the woman wearing it. A woman with small breasts is told she doesn’t have anything to hold the dress up, while a woman with bigger breasts is told she can’t wear them because her breasts are too big. But truly a strapless dress is supposed to hold itself up, and anybody can wear one. Finding a good bra to wear with one, however, is a different story. But now a company has finally started producing strapless bras for women with very large breasts, and strapless dresses can be enjoyed by everybody.

The “Naturally Close” bra by JD Williams is trumpeted as the “world’s largest strapless bra.” It’s a convertible style that can be worn like a regular bra, racerback, asymmetrically, and even as a strapless model without any bra modifications, and it’s available up to a size 50L.

And unlike a lot of large bras, it’s really pretty. It’s made of semi-sheer fabric and has a silicone elastic under the band and across the top to help make sure it stays in place. There is extra boning in the sides to help “enhance the bust shape and profile,” according to The Daily Mail.

The size expansion is good news for customers, and for the company because large bra sizes are the fastest growing market in the segment. The average size in the U.K. is reportedly a 34DD, but while a 34A or B can find any kind of bra in any style she might want, large-breasted women still have an inordinate amount of trouble finding attractive bras that fit well and offer enough support in sizes like J, K, and L. Hopefully this will help, because it’s summer and the world is full of strapless and spaghetti-strap dresses that shouldn’t be the sole purview of small-breasted women. And if this bra sells well, it’s almost certain that other companies will follow in short order.

(Photo: JD Williams)