British designed Debbie Wingham unveils the world's most expensive dress

Earlier this week, we learned that the beauty industry sets prices with a haphazardly labeled roulette wheel when Kelly Osbourne showed off her $250,000 black diamond manicure. Although it was painful to accept man’s downfall in such a mundane and pointless manner, at least it prepared us what’s happened since… the unveiling of the world’s most expensive dress, incidentally forged also in black diamonds… which are so rare and expensive, you can make dresses out of them and put them in nail polish.

The world’s most expensive publicity stunt was forged by British designer Debbie Wingham, who we’ve never heard of until now, which is awful telling. She used 50 two-carat black diamonds to create the dress and it weighs in at 29 lbs. Wingham sewed the $5.7 million peplum dress herself and calls it “an anthem for a beautiful woman who loves life.” …life and diamonds. Many of the stones line the peplum (come on) but the rest line the dress’ impressively ugly shrug (see it here).

The World Record Academy says that Wingham’s dress has set the official World Record for Most Expensive Dress. HuffPo has details on many other of the world’s other record-breaking dresses, including cocktail division, prom division, and one that involves 30 million in diamonds, making Wingham’s creation… practically budget.

Here’s a full-length shot:

(Both images via Wenn)