writers guild worst lede

This year the Writers Guild Awards have offered up a very strange worst dressed list. Some tried too hard, others did not try hard enough. Unfortunately some of our favorite people wound up on this list, but that does not make us love them any less. Captain Janeway can wear all the striped jackets she wants; we’d still follow her into space. But love alone is not enough to make a look work, which is how we wound up with this cast of characters in ill-suited dresses.

Check out the worst dressed of the 2014 Writers Guild Awards.

Stana Katic Writers Guild Awards

We stared at this Rubin Singer dress on Stana Katic for like 20 minutes trying to figure out if we loved it or hated it. We like color and it’s flattering through the body, but the padded shoulders, superfluous straps and bubblegum hue make it look like it belongs to a  Flight Attendant Barbie I had back in 1988.

julie delpy writers guild awards

Julie Delpy is gorgeous, but the neutral makeup and light color of this dress make her look like a washed out puddle of the liquid left over after hand-washing one’s delicates.

Moira Walley-Beckett wenn21045566

Moira Walley-Beckett is a Breaking Bad writer, so she is obviously brilliant and successful. However this dress looks like it was stolen from a high school homecoming, and the heavy sandals don’t go with it at all. Writers probably don’t get to borrow awesome couture the way actresses do–which makes us think we went into the wrong line of work–but we would like Zac Posen to send her some free designer swag just for being awesome.

kate mulgrew writers guild awards

Kate Mulgrew plays Red on Orange Is The New Black, and Kate Mulgrew doesn’t break character until she’s done the DVD commentary.

keri russell writers guild awards

Keri Russell‘s Givenchy skirt has a thigh-high slit that’s way sexy on its own, and yet she decided to pair it with a black bra and a white tank top. We’re still not fans of the bra-as-accessory. Every once in a while it works out and is cool and gorgeous, but most of the time it’s a ham-fisted attempt at edginess that just winds up looking sloppy and confused.