fashion week hat 2

Though this is my first experience with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I have encountered plenty of weird, obnoxious and frustrating things. From my own personal confusion to just general craziness backstage, it’s been a weird ride so far. While there are beautiful, exciting things going on at all times during Fashion Week, whether it be behind-the-scenes or on the runway, in the audience or on the Internet, I have gotten a chance to witness everything from the the wonderfully weird to the straight-up “WTF?”

Unfortunately, though there are many extremely kind, sweet people all over the place during Fashion Week, there are also so many unreasonably annoying folks, as well. Sometimes, I noticed them on my own; other times they were pointed out to me by PR people or other attendees, which leads me to believe I am not alone in my disdain for these individuals.

So, please: if you are one of these people, shut up and enjoy the free food, mmk?

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Photo: Flickr[ITPGallery]