A model's shoes on the runway at Zoe Jordan during London Fashion Week.

A model’s shoes on the runway at Zoe Jordan during London Fashion Week.

A lot of women are down with certain aspects of maintaining conventional female beauty–makeup, hair–but can’t stand others. One of the most polarizing aspects are, of course, high heels: they’re either glamorous and wonderful and add height and lengthen legs… or they are a prison for your feet. We feel for any woman who has to wear them to work.

Women are also frequently reminded of how all this suffering for beauty is causing actual suffering. High heels create all manner of back and knee problems–but are some worse than others?

Yes, turns out. The Huffington Post spoke with a New York-based podiatrist in order to make a helpful infographic, which ranks shoes by pain and suffering. Stilettos, though, are still the worst for you:

Wearing heels shifts your weight to the balls of your feet, which puts pressure on your foot. This also creates a balance problem: It forces your knees and hips forward, hurting your back and legs. Wearing these shoes can cause: hyperextension, ankle sprains, midfoot fractures, neuromas (benign nerve tumors), pinched nerves, bunions and hammertoes.

There’s also another danger that even professional walkers like Jessica Stam can’t escape:

Jessica Stam falls on the Miu Miu runway

Wedges follow–but no one should ever wear wedges anyway, because a random group of dudes were polled and they hate them.

But you knew all that!

While we’re all aware stilettos are bad news, you might be surprised to hear what other popular shoe is horrible for your feet: flip-flips (which are also horrible for eyes):

“Most flip-flops are too flat, too thin and too open,” says Dr. Sutera. This exposes the foot to the environment and doesn’t provide arch support or cushioning. The thong that sits between your toes is also dangerous as it forces your toe muscles to over-grip. Plus, when your big toe hangs off the flip-flop, which Dr. Blitz calls “muffin toe,” you increase your risk for toe fractures. Wearing these shoes can cause: inflammation, tendonitis, heel pain, strains, fractures and external injuries (e.g. stepping on a nail).

Thankfully, Chuck Taylors are a-okay.

(via HuffPost Style, photo via Getty)