For those of you alternabrides, there’s already a disposable wedding dress you can wear for your special day and then allow to biodegrade naturally. But here’s another kind of unusual bridal gown: one made entirely out of Kleenex. I guess if you’re going to cry at your wedding, this dress could be super useful.

Designer Ben de Lisi (pictured) created the dress for his friend and muse Lisa Snowdon. “I tend to use super-fine fabrics such as silks and chiffons,” De Lisi said, “but I was curious as to how I could create a fluid dress from something as fine as gossamer as tissue, and how I could ruche it without making it too bulky.” He settled on using Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissue. And what did the bride herself think? “I’m amazed at what Ben has created. It feels so incredibly soft against my skin, I could be wearing silk or velvet.”