Here are some facts about the upcoming issue of Visionaire:

1) The issue is guest-edited by Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci

2) The Catholic-raised Tisci selected the theme to be “religion”

3) It features a slew of fashion luminaries (that’s a portrait of Carine Roitfeld shot by Karl Lagerfeld)

4) It costs $495.


Here are my exactly two feelings about those facts:

1) Who is the market for this? (sincere guess: people who thought the once-controversially priced Tom Ford coffee table book was just too permanent?)

2) Fashion really doesn’t co-op religious imagery enough and it’s totally still provocative and interesting.


Let’s say money wasn’t an option: would you spend $500 on a magazine?

…Now let’s say it is: would you still consider it?

Visit Visionaire for more details.