You know, I remember an episode of Mad Men when Joan shows off her new engagement ring and remarks “you’d like to believe it doesn’t matter.” But it does! It totally does! Because you can use it to one-up Jane Sterling! Because you want a stone that you can use to blind people! Not just with sunlight, but moonlight! A stone so large you can’t even wear it, it just has to be carried around by a team of strongmen in an SUV. They, I guess, stand up in the SUV and hold it? Maybe the SUV has no top? I admit I’m a little confused on how this particular point is going to work.

Oh, turns out this is all pretty outmoded. My bad. Stoneless engagement rings. They’re a new thing.

Trendhunter reports that:

Luis Omar Guerrero designed this unique piece of jewelry with a modern slim circular band and an enormous cathedral mounting of seven prongs. It is precisely fashioned with rhodium-plated sterling silver for a stylish and magnificently shiny skeleton.

I suppose it eliminates any worry about using conflict diamonds, and I know probably that “burly men carrying a ring in an SUV” thing is neither cost effective nor good for the planet. But would you want a ring with no stone? Let us discuss.

I want a wedding ring made out of lasers and kryptonite. And I want it to be massive, like a small planet. And I want to marry Lex Luthor. Your turn.


Pic via Trendhunter