I do like G by GUESS. I think it has a lot of stylish and trendy items from dresses, jackets, bags, shoes, jeans to accessories. But I just saw one dress that I didn’t particularly like. It’s a denim tube dress.


There is something so skanky and uncomfortable feeling coming from this denim tube dress. Maybe if the skirt is in a full bloom styling it would be alright. Not necessarily a dress I’d wear but it will be much better than this tight version. There could be possible ways to tone it down actually. Wearing a black boyfriend blazer over it would be a good way. Or a motorcycle leather jacket would be nice too. You’re basically doing layers to make it look essentially minimized. These suggestions would work. If you care to try to wear a denim tube dress of course. $49.50 from G by GUESS.

(Image: G by Guess)