The Royal Ascot Horse Races are currently in progress, and while I don’t much care for an antiquated sport like horse racing (or any sports besides roller derby, really), the hats people wear to them are really not to be missed. The first photos are already out, and as the Cut reported earlier today, hats with birds on them are popular this year. But not just any birds: ACTUAL DEAD BIRDS. (At least on some of the hats, or so it would appear.)

These have me so, so divided. On the one hand, as a vegan, I’m obviously appalled any time someone kills an animal for fashion or food (but especially fashion). Also: birds are dirty. Get it off your head before it gives you mites, woman! On the other hand, it appeals to all those Gothic sensibilities I have left over from high school, and assuming the birds died of natural causes, I don’t have any ethical problems with it. What better way to immortalize your favorite blue-throated macaw after she passes than to have her made into a slightly gaudy headpiece for all eternity? That way, you and Bijoux will never be apart. Ever.

What say you, gentle readers?

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