Nicole Kidman showed up to the premiere of Just Go With It in a leather suit.

I want you to look at this photo and make an opinion happen inside of you.

Now, I was racking my brain as to why anyone would ever purchase a leather skirt suit and this were all my ideas:

1. You are going to a job interview on your motorcycle.
2. You have an obsessive, almost erotic love of sweating.
3. You are Angelina Jolie ten years ago and you are trying to soften your image.
4. You are dumb. (Thanks, Jennifer!)
5. You are Taylor Momsen after having faded into post-Gossip Girl obscurity, and have gotten a job as a receptionist at a pharmaceutical company.
6. You are Catwoman and instead of pursuing crime-fighting, you invented the Post-It.
7. You are Nicole Kidman’s stylist and you would like her to wear a leather skirt suit.
8. You are really, really dumb. (Jennifer again)

So. Am I being dull and thinking too far inside the no-leather-skirt-suits box?

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(Photo via Dlisted)