happy earring quotes

Dare I say it – would they make you happy?

I’m a pretty big believer in things that actually spell out messages. I mean, when Holly Golightly says you can always tell what kind of a girl a man thinks you are by the kind of earrings he gives you I am always tempted to say “no. No, Holly Golightly, you are lying. You are a liar. You are lying with a nonsense hypothesis.” You cannot tell what a man thinks of you by a piece of jewelry he gives you, unless he gives you one of these earrings from the Karmadia collection which are made up of actual quotes, or, in the case of the one above, directives, I guess.

In that case, he is pretty clearly sharing a message with you.

Otherwise, the only thing you can tell about a man from his pick of jewelry is that he is the kind of man who is giving you jewelry. Also, I guess you can tell whether or not he has absolutely terrible taste in jewelry.

You should tell him to go to Etsy and buy one of these. One with a quote you like. Tell him to get you one with a really good quote. It will make you happy.