So I came across this fish print “tunic dress” via TheFrisky’s “man panel” today, and despite the esteemed panelists’ near unanimous hatred of it, something stirred deep within me. Was it the soy tuna salad I’d had for lunch, or my childhood love of Bill Cosby? Was my inner Dr. Huxtable whispering softly that he liked this sweater very much, and also that he’d like some Jello Pudding Pops? Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m a Pisces? I can’t decide if it’s good-bad or bad-bad. What the heck is wrong with me?

On the one hand: it is unapologetically ugly. So ugly, in fact, that the model had to put her hair in a faux-hawk and make a fish face just to keep people from being mesmerized to death by the zany neon patterns. Also, it’s clearly not a dress, but an over-sized sweater worn as one with the addition of leggings. Also, it costs $200(!) Who would pay that much for an over-sized sweater that looks like it came from the back of their trashy aunt’s closet?

On the other hand: it’s a frickin’ neon fish sweater. It looks comfy, and the fish is a highly underrated genre of animal. $200 is a bit steep, but if I saw this thing at a thrift store for like $10, I would totally buy it. Am I trippin’?

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