evisu_nay_jeans2.jpg I kinda(slightly) felt bad for lambasting Evisu Genes’s Red and White Paint Daicock Jeans a few weeks ago but then I saw this Embroidered version of the Daicock design and well, I don’t feel so bad anymore. Maybe the designer thought the red and white paint ass graffitti was too bold so he decided to embroider the design instead. Look at the picture, sit down and relax. Now meditate(goodluck). Ask yourself, can you see yourself walking around anywhere, with that embroidered design on the back of your denim? If you’re the wife or gf, would you be caught dead walking side by side with a Man wearing this jeans? If your answer is Yes, respectively, well, all I could say is, More Power To Yah. It’s on sale for $359.90 by the way at Nordstrom. . From it’s original $540.

Why do I feel like washing my eyes with soap after looking at this picture? It must be because of the ridiculous price :roll: .