levis_skinny.jpgOn the upcoming June issue of Men’s Health magazine they featured a How-To article in wearing a denim. Adam Levine from Maroon 5 was their model. He is wearing Levi’s Capital E Stacked Skinny Jeans. It’s priced at about $180. Let’s forget the price for now. If I can’t wear a skinny jeans because of my huge hips from having 2 babies, eating rice and all my favorite dishes, then I’ll be damned if my husband can. No freaking way. LOL. Not only that, but unless you’re a British rocker still stucked in the 80’s or 70’s or whenever, please say NO to skinny jeans. I don’t care if you’re a front runner of a band and can very well afford a $180 jeans that needs to be dry cleaned coz if you wash this kind of jeans it will shrink, obviously. It is even stated in the Levi’s website:

A tight, skinny fit with a slightly low, pitched rise and riveted five-pocket styling. Leg is extra long to stack at the ankle. Our Golden Haze finish is dark, black-casted denim with a warm golden tint. Rigid Stretch is a dark warm shade of denim that’s tumbled for softness. Dry cleaning is recommended for Rigid Stretch. If washed, jeans will shrink approximately 1/2 inch in the waist and 2 inches in length.

Reading that quoted description, it’s just not practical no matter how you think your ass might look good in it. Sorry, but it’s a resounding NAY.

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