Sit on this.

There are probably many women and men who spend their moments right before bed thinking about Ryan Gosling. Whether you preferred him as Noah in The Notebook or Lars in Lars in the Real Girl, there definitely is something very enticing about the man. Is it the voice? His loveliness, the way he always looks “so cool” as if plucked from a scene in The Great Gatsby, or his deliciously bizarre behavior during interviews?

No matter what the reason behind your desire, it might be time to admit that in those Gosling fantasies you may have envisioned yourself sitting on his face and letting out whatever sort of yelps that the Gosling tongue might have to offer. In our dreams, we all orgasm.

However, now your days of wishing for that moment can temporarily be quelled for only $950. Yes, for just under a thousand bucks you can buy a chair with Ryan Gosling’s smiling face beaming up at you.

Thanks to the combined efforts of and fashion photographer Jennifer Graylock, writhing on Gosling’s face can become just a regular part of your daily routine. If you want to get really creative you can strap a vibrator to it and really go to town, but that’s just my brain getting ahead of itself as usual.

If Gosling isn’t the face for you, then you can opt for so many other celebrities including Angelina Jolie, President Barack Obama and even Anna Wintour. Although there’s a good chance that the Wintour chair is going to be cold as ice at all times, which actually might be nice on hot July days.

Photo: via Stylelist