I do not know a single person who was able to look at the brilliant new Instagram account, You Did Not Eat That, without saying, “Why didn’t I come up with that?!” The mad genius behind this new account deserves a serious standing slow-clap for coming up with the idea behind this hilarious time-waster.

Taking photographs of style bloggers posing with food props and reposting them with clever, snarky captions about how they obviously did not eat that food is the best Instagram idea ever, and I’m devastatingly sorry for not having come up with it myself. But that’s OK, because it’s so funny I have no choice but to forgive myself.

The blog describes its noble mission statement thus:

“Speaking the truth in this mixed up world of too many macarons and ice cream cones. Because really…#youdidnoteatthat”

And it’s true, style bloggers love to photograph themselves with macarons, doughnuts, ice cream cones, In N Out burgers, and artfully decorated cupcakes. But are they really eating those things, or just using them as props and then throwing them away? This blog suggests the latter, and now I can’t help but think that too.

Hilariously, a bunch of style bloggers have come forward to defend themselves, insisting that they did indeed eat the things in their pictures. PS I Made This and Paris in Four Months both insisted that they did eat their cupcakes and macarons, while our beloved Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, did them one better and submitted video proof of her eating a cupcake.

youdidnoteatthat13 youdidnoteatthat1youdidnoteatthat12

There’s a reason everyone loves that woman so much.

The one thing that really starts to stand out when these pictures are brought together, though, is how many people are intentionally posing with Magnum Mini ice cream bars. You Did Not Eat That noticed the trend, and then became increasingly bewildered by it.

“Are @magnum the new donut? @kyleeditor seems to think so. Fashion trends are so fleeting. But one trend stays strong #youdidnoteatthat”

“Verdict is in. @magnum is absolutely conducting a fashion ambassador program. WHY??? This makes no sense!!!”

There is an ice cream fashion blogger conspiracy! Or, rather, Magnum just paid a bunch of bloggers to eat ice cream. I can’t hate on it; I’ve been trying my whole life to turn my ice-cream-eating skills into a viable career opportunity.

(Photos: Instagram/Youdidnoteatthat)