Do you ever look at your pocketbook and wish it was filled not with change, lint, and various old lipsticks, but delicious, life improving box wine? If you, like me, have frequently harbored this desire (and really, who hasn’t?), then the (awesome name alert!) “Baggy Winecoat” is the just the product for you.

Manufactured by the Scandinavian Design Center, this Winecoat boasts “a casual but stylish look!”, tip-proof rubber bottom, and ease of use: simply remove the plastic bag of wine from its original box, insert it into your new wino purse, and boom! Portable liquid courage suitable for bringing to “the dinner table,” “the picnic,” the movies, the library, or that special place by the water you and your ex used to go to together.

This is all well and good, but I’m still a little confused as to how you get the thing from place to place. Luckily, the product description has the answer:

If you want to carry your wine with you, just grab the handle and go!

Phew, I’m not sure I could’ve figured that one out on my own.

(Via Glamour)