Karl Lagerfeld at Vanity Fair Party during 66th Cannes Film Festival at Tetou restaurant

With the way many industries have been abusing the internship system, we suspect it was only a matter of time before famous people decided that not only did they not have to pay their employees, they could get their employees to pay them for the privilege.

Selling internships seems to be a new trend. Beyoncé auctioned off a day on her style team for charity, and now Karl Lagerfeld is auctioning off an internship at Chanel at the Love Ball, a charity ball for Natalia Vodianova‘s children’s charity co-hosted by Prince Albert II of Monaco and Princess Charlene, in Monaco at the end of July.

Unpaid internships supposedly give valuable career experience and look good on resumes, which means they already give a distinct advantage to anyone who can afford to spend several months working for free. Are the best spots really going to start going to the top bidders?

Vodianova’s charity has so far built 90 play parks in 68 Russian cities. Other items going up for auction include a night at the opera in the private box of the Prince of Monaco, and a game of tennis with a top-ranked professional.

A Chanel internship is a pretty sweet deal for any design student and would likely open some doors after graduation. But we suspect that any design student capable of placing the winning bid on this item at a charity auction in Monaco is probably not going to encounter many barriers to success in his or her life.

Via Styleite/Photo: WENN