Would you buy this place for $1.995 million?

Chloe Sevigny is my neighbor. Yes, that’s how cool I am. No, actually I don’t care. She lives a few blocks north from me, on what I’ve always considered the loveliest block in the East Village. I always thought I could live there, but then the New York staple, 2nd Avenue Deli, moved from 2nd Ave to East 33rd Street (still keeping its name), I lost all interest in the block. If I don’t have those pickles a half block away, there’s not point in dropping my imaginary $1.9 million on a place.

Not long after the New York Magazine issue came out the first week of May, Sevigny tried to sell her digs for $1.7 million citing that she needed more light (it does look rather short on the window count), and that she was done living under the tyranny of co-op rules. But she looked so happy in it, especially in that yellow chair! It’s also at this point, considering her disdain for the co-op that one imagines that she’d have Vincent Gallo and other indie darlings over for drug-crazed orgies and her neighbors were consistently complaining about her lifestyle. Does anyone else’s brain go directly to the blowjob scene in The Brown Bunny?

Although it was rumored to have sold, apparently it’s back on the market for $1.995 million. Not $2 million, but $1.995 million. I just wanted that to be clear. Whomever did buy it — although this remains a secret situation — didn’t seem to do much to the place since Sevigny was there. For example, the wallpaper and kitchen furniture is the same. Whether it was sold, bought up and is now being sold again, isn’t what we’re looking at here. What we want to see is even more photos of the apartment than we saw originally now that it’s on the market again.

Based on the bust in the entryway, this place is still housing Sevigny’s stuff. It’s hard to believe that the gal who got her start in Kids and is known for her interesting choice in friends (Terry Richardson) and style, would have a place like this. It’s beautiful, but it’s also SO grown-up.


Via Thrillest