So young! So darling!

Those of a certain generation regard Sassy as the bible. It made such an impact on girls who wanted more than whatever other magazines at the time — YM, Cosmo, etc — were offering. It not only introduced the world to Jane Pratt, but the coveted “Sassiest Girl in America” position. Many of us dreamed of the day that we’d get the call that yes, we were going to be the Sassiest Girl, and with that would come all the perks of being on the cover of a magazine… like, um, being on the cover of a magazine. It may not guarantee international stardom or even a life of glory to follow, but it was still a big deal for those of us who worshipped Sassy.

I never got to be Sassy‘s “Sassiest Girl in America” although I’m still daydreaming it will happen, if only so I can get to wear that red sea captain-looking outfit in the photo above. Of course, this isn’t a “must” to find yourself on the cover, but it is pretty snazzy.

So looking at this magazine, can you figure out who it is? Would you like a hint? Or maybe I should just throw it out there so you can all say “Awww! I see that now!”


Sharon Van Etten.

Can you see it? Here, maybe this video of her playing “Give Out,” will make the visual connection better for you:

Update: Despite Sharon putting this on her Instagram this afternoon, now Brooklyn Vegan is claiming it’s a fake… So who the hell knows. But still, how cute is that photo? And more importantly, how many of us did want to be Sassy‘s “Sassiest Girl in America.”


Photo: Instagram