The week’s winding down and office conversation has turned nostalgic… this morning’s conversation about platform flip-flops–and their ubiquity on late-90’s, early-00’s middle school black tops–soon became a series of confessions about the terrible jeans we all wore in eighth grade. The mall jeans, the outlet jeans, the dated cuts, the high waists and exceedingly low waists, the heavily branded “premium” denim, etc.

For some, it was flares from Wet Seal (though wasn’t it for everyone?). For others, the bargain low-rise at Charlotte Russe. One colleague was unable to part with a tattered pair of super dated bell bottoms from Miss Sixty. We, for example, wore the occasional baggier, boyish pairs from Guess and–along with many other teen girls–coveted 7 For All Mankind, which were pretty aspirational at the time.

So! We wanted to ask: what was your denim of choice in middle school? Would you still wear the brand now? Tell us what brands we forgot…

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