In one of the most interesting marketing moves, Chanel has decided to have a man as the new face of their iconic No. 5. But not just any man, we’re talking Brad Pitt who, most would regard as the cat’s pajamas, both physically and personality wise. But why a fella to do the shilling of this product after all these years?

According to WWD, Chanel’s Fragrance & Beauty president Andrea d’Avack explains that the perfume that has long been equated with older, elegant ladies and Marilyn Monroe is “a seduction between a man, a woman and the perfume.” Come again? That seems like too many entities in one place for a perfume.

We can expect to see the first commercial starting on October 15 when our televisions will be taken over by Pitt’s voice as he softly seduces what one at first thinks is a woman, but a-ha! The joke is on us, because he’s actually talking seductively to the perfume! Because, as we all know, perfume needs to be seduces out of its bottle if it’s to find itself on your skin. It’s not as though you can just dab that shit on your collarbone or behind your knees without zero effort, it must be coddled and cooed, given promises and compliments. We’re not dealing with some $16 Navy cologne that you can pick up at a Walgreens; we are dealing with Chanel, and Chanel must be put on a pedestal and treated like the royalty it is!

And apparently, the only one to do this is Brad Pitt, who’s practically just as iconic as the brand itself.


Photo: Chanel