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Do you know about Grimes? Otherwise known as Claire Boucher, she is a mischievous little Canadian ghost who lives inside of synthesizers and casts dancing spells on your feet. She’s also a talented artist and designer, as we have seen with her brilliant “pussy [shaped] rings” and her bad ass artwork. She is also pretty and stylish and kind of blowing up right now. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Yves Saint Laurent would want to put her drawings on some $350 t-shirts.

Apparently, Hedi Slimane personally asked her to design a capsule collection for YSL after shooting her for Dazed and Confused Magazine. When opportunity comes a knockin’, etc. But in case you thought all that attention was going to her head, the musical hermit says she will not be attending Paris fashion week, as she is currently “deep in the Canadian mountains.”

(Via Styleite)

Top photo: WENN