The Muse Two Artisanal starts off sounding like a typical handbag from the house of YSL: it’s ultra exclusive (only 13! Made available! In the US!) and ultra pricey ($1720). But then…

Turns out the chic satchel is made of recycled plastic bags.

Explains YSL’s site:

The Muse Two marries the savoir-faire of Yves Saint Laurent leather goods with the artisanal handiwork of women from Burkina Faso. With this Yves Saint Laurent further emphasizes its commitment to innovation in design and particularly to corporate social responsibility, demonstrated in the initiative’s alliance with a non-profit women’s organization and its use of recycled materials.

Curious, right? What do you think: is this a cool collision of luxury and consciousness or is this… a $1720 purse made of plastic fucking bags.

(via StyleList)