If you’ve ever walked into a Zara and thought “Hm, why don’t they have things I can wear to yoga next to all those faux Maryam Nassir Zadeh heels?” well here’s your chance to bite your tongue.

Zara sneakily added a “Gymwear” section to their website, christening their first foray into the world of activewear. The collection includes clothes for yoga, the gym and the pool and it’s the most utilitarian collection I’ve seen go up on Zara in a while, and I’m not mad at it.  It’s got everything (and I mean everything). There are the usual suspects: cropped leggings, baggy tank tops, workout shorts. But then there are things like workout gloves, a “yoga” jumpsuit and figure enhancing leggings. Like, why? The leggings are fine, because having your figured enhanced while you’re in Downward Facing Dog is a concern for some people, I guess. But no offense, Zara, you’re trying a little bit too hard to be cool and you’re getting a tad bit clingy. You don’t need to be a part of everyone’s everything so maybe stick to what you’re good at: being a season and a half late with knocking off designer clothes.

The good thing, and the one that makes the most sense in my opinion, is that the line is very affordable and very plain. It isn’t trying to compete with the Alalas or the Fabletics of the world. It’s basic and looks very, very comfy. Plus, because of the basicness of it, it’s easily transitional. It’s not something you’ll only wear to work out and then throw into your gym bag and forget about until you’re sniffing around the room, trying to find out what smells like B.O.

Not everything is a hit, in my opinion. The yoga jumpsuit is a bit confusing to me. IDK bout you, but attempting to do Child’s Pose with a one-piece digging into my vagina seems like a terrible way to relax. Also, the short yoga jumpsuit looks like a wrestling singlet or one of those old-timey bathing costumes and I just…no. And I don’t know what the hell a “yoga poncho” is. However, there are a few piece in the collection that I can see myself buying to maybe trick myself into actually work out. Plus, they can only get better from here, right? I guess the only thing to do now is to launch a bridal collection.

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Here are a few of the best pieces:

Neon Top ($22.90)


Transparent Raincoat ($69.90)

5644216990_2_9_1 (1)

Yoga Bodysuit with Open Back ($22.90)


Technical Sweatshirt ($49.90)


Sports Swimsuit ($29.90)


All the pieces will retail for a very reasonable $70 and under, which is saying a lot because the athleisure market has exploded and I cannot think of one reason to spend over $100 for leggings, but that’s just me.