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I’ll be honest: when I go shopping for clothes, I’m not thinking about the gender associated with females. Maybe that’s just the straight, cisgender female in me, but it’s never something that concerned me. After all, I’d shopped in the men’s section of stores tons of times (those oversized flannels though…) and it hardly seemed like a big deal. But for those out there who identify as gender neutral or ungendered, I completely understand the struggle. Of all the things in life, the last place you don’t want to feel like a total outsider is in a clothing store that supposedly caters to everyone. That’s why Zara‘s new ungendered line is so great. More than just a recognition of our world’s growing understanding of gender, it’s a major breakthrough in mainstream fashion.

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The collection, which is shoppable on Zara’s website now, uses both men and women to advertise the different pieces in the new collection. It tells the Zara audience that, no matter how you identify (male, female, non-binary, etc.), there’s a place for you at their store, which has never really been the case at any of today’s fast fashion giants. Sure, women were always welcome to shop in the men’s section and vice versa, but there was always that gendered distinction, and with it, the potential judgment of others seeing the someone buy clothing that’s outside their perceived gender identity.

Other retailers have made moves toward the ungendered route. Recently, Target announced that it would move away from gender-based signage in a majority of their departments, and clothing brands such as Not Equal and Muttonhead have made it their practice to feature non-gender specific pieces.

Since this is Zara we’re talking about, and they’re clothes are always (well, almost always) on point, the pieces in this new ungendered line are actually really cute! Check out my favorite pieces below:

Ungendered Top ($19.90)

ungendered top

I once bought a sweatshirt from American Apparel not entirely unlike this shirt, and it’s been one of my favorite pieces of clothing for at least five years.

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Flowing Unisex T-Shirt ($15.90)

flowing tshirt

This is going to be everyone’s go-to plain white tee for the rest of forever.

Plush Unisex Jogging Trousers ($25.90)

unisex joggers

Okay, so I’m not someone who ever (like, EVER) wears sweatpants in public, but I’d totally wear these around the apartment. I’ll leave the sweatpants styling to the real fashionistas out there.

Unisex Sweatshirt ($25.90)

unisex sweatshirt

It’s too cozy. I can’t deal.

Click here to shop Zara’s entire ungendered line now!

(Photos: ZARA)