Everything was going so well for poor Zoe Kravitz when the Met Gala started. She was looking smoking hot with her shaggy blonde hair and her crazy sexy, ruby-colored Michael Kors gown that is a flattering enough cut and color it might have made her a contender for the year’s best-dressed list, but she accidentally showed off a bit more than she intended when the hip-high slit on her dress opened up and flashed her waxed crotch at the waiting photographers. No matter how cute a dress is, an unintentional wardrobe malfunction is always grounds for winding up on the worst-dressed list. (The extreme abuse of contouring going on already makes her a shoo-in for the worst beauty round-up.)


To make matters worse, Kravitz had eschewed underwear for the event, which is usually a mistake when wearing a dress slit so high that wardrobe malfunctions are basically inevitable.

The Met Gala is a fancy event for fancy, fancy people, so we don’t normally see a lot of wardrobe malfunctions on the red carpet. Anna Wintour is probably adding “panties” to next year’s Met Gala dress code right now. But with the way of some of these dresses are cut, an occasional accidental flash is nearly impossible to avoid, and when you’re famous there are always cameras around to preserve the flash of pubis for posterity. But lately it seems like some of the more frequent offenders have actually been wising up to the wardrobe malfunction game. Kim Kardashian went to the Met Gala last night in a blue Lanvin gown cut just as high on the leg as Kravitz’s, but she avoided flashing her mons pubis at everyone simply by wearing a full set of underpants. She has learned the lesson of former BFF Paris Hilton well: Just wear matching underwear and everything will be fine.

If Michael Kors had just hooked Kravitz up with a nice, ruby-colored thong to go with her sexy dress, everything would have gone off without a hitch. Next time we’re sure she’ll be adequately prepared.

(Photos: Getty)