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Okay, confession time: I’m actually not the greatest gift-giver. Unless it’s for a really, really close friend or family member, I have a lot of trouble figuring out what someone would want*. Other than that, my gift-giving skills are kind of limited to alcohol, beauty products, and jewelry. Don’t get me wrong—I give nice alcohol, beauty products, and jewelry, but they’re the only three things I’m any good at giving. Fortunately, I’ve never met someone who wouldn’t be happy receiving one of my three specialties, so it’s served me pretty well in my 23 years of holiday seasons on the planet.

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And since we here at The Gloss hand out cocktail recipes like hotcakes (hot toddys?) and toss out beauty product suggestions, both as gifts to others and to yourself, on a daily basis, the only guide left to make is one for jewelry. You’re welcome, world.

Here are some pieces that make for great gifts at any price point:

Under $25

under 25

I Heart New York Necklace, Cutout Circle Cuff Set, Love Ring, Short Necklace, Diamond Shape Ring, Flower Stud Drop Earrings 

Since most Secret Santa budgets cut off around $20 or $25, these are great options for your co-worker. A customized home state necklace will show them that you were, in fact, paying attention when they were rambling about their hometown, and you know you have at least one Lauren Conrad-obsessed co-worker who will wear that “love” ring until the day she dies.



Petite Orbit & Crystal Silver Ring, Johnny Loves Rosie Sienna Pink Statement Earrings, Gorjana 18K Gold Plated Brass Zion Adjustable Collar Necklace, Stardust Bracelet, Delphine Pearl Bauble Necklace, Goreski Glasses Ring

Now we’re starting to get into friend and sibling territory. You definitely want to get them something nicer, but at the same time, you’re not necessarily going to forgo paying for groceries one week to get them a piece of jewelry.

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50-75 jewelry

Empire Bib, ‘Classic Marc’ Disc Skinny Bangle, ‘Dainty Bow’ Bangle, Sarah Chloe Gold Stackable Initial Ring, Pamela Love Rose Gold 5 Spike Stud Earrings, Crystal Burst Earrings, Alexandra Earrings in Cobalt

I’m assuming that the person you’re buying this gift for asked for something specific that just so happened to come with high price tag, and you must love them a lot for getting them what they want. Or maybe you’re just splurging on a little bit of self-gifting. Either way, I’m here for you.

$75 and Up

over 75

Purely Pearly Cuff, We See Stars Pyramid Stud Ring, Rose Gold Heart Ring, Biba Earrings, Dannijo Tessie Crystal Jacket EarringsCrystal Chandelier Necklace

What, are you made of money? Can you add me to your gift-giving list? I’ll bring you confetti-covered wine bottles and homemade cookies that I swear I’ll only eat a handful of!

*Exceptions include the two amazing Secret Santa gifts I gave out in college. They were both for my college newspaper’s Secret Santa. One person received a plush mono virus (you remember the ones) and a bottle of Andre after hilariously denying he had mono for a good three months, and the other received a stuffed frog and a bottle of whiskey after earning the nickname “Toady.” That same stuffed frog went on to be a frat house heirloom, and I’ve never been so proud of myself.