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I’m one of those unusual people that loves getting gifts that most people would rather regift like body lotions, blankets and candles. This is probably because I’m the homebody in my friend group.

I’m the one who would rather spend my Saturday night catching up on the latest episode of Scandal while stuffing my face with cheese and crackers than getting “turnt up” at the bar or club. Chances are that in your friend group, there’s one of these people as well. You usually have to drag them out of the house and bribe them with some sort of food or promise to let them stay in next Saturday in order to get them to leave.

Honestly, shopping for this breed of human is actually probably one of the easiest things you’ll do this holiday season. We love all things cuddly, warm and that taste/smell good. Just incase you’re still stumped or need some inspiration, I’ve put together this gift guide for you so you can get the inside scoop on the things that will complete your homebody friend’s holiday season.

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Oribe Cote d’Azur Scented Candle (Birchbox, $62)

Oribe Candle

When you purchase this candle, you’re basically buying a ticket to heaven. This candle is perfect for someone who loves all things luxury (and obviously things that smell great, duh). It’s perfect minimalistic packaging and lovely black and gold color will surely look great in anyone’s home.

Jane & Bleecker All In Thermal Onesie (Carole Hochman, $68)

Jane and Bleecker Onesie

Remember when you were young and you wore onesies during the holidays? Well, this onesie is a great way to bring your friend back to her childhood but with a cute modern touch. Not to mention they’re incredibly warm and festive.

Amika Nourishing Hair Mask (Birchbox, $40)

Amika Hair Mask

A relaxing Saturday night just wouldn’t be complete without some serious R&R—and that always includes spending extra time to take care of your hair and skin. This amika mask will instantly nourish your friend’s hair and make it smell great. She can totally leave this baby in while she hangs out with a cup of hot cocoa. Nothing sounds better than that for a homebody during the holidays.

Love + Grace Fuzzy Fleece Willa Robe (Shopbop, $99)

love + grace robe

Even as a homebody, sometimes we have to leave the house on our days off when we planned on spending them inside. This robe is a great piece to wear around the house while you’re lounging around, but also if you need to run out on a errand since it really doesn’t look too much like a robe. Multitasking at it’s finest.

Birchbox Subscription (Birchbox, $10/month)


A great way to make someone smile is to give them a gift that gives even after the holidays and a Birchbox subscription is a great way to do just that. It’s the perfect thing to dig into on a weekend off when your friend is home relaxing. There are tons of great products to sample and it could even lead to her finding her new favorite stew night product.

Olivina Cypress + Fir 3-Wick Glass Candle (Olivina, $29)

cypress and fir candle

Yes, I did include two different candles in this gift guide because these candles are sent from heaven, dammit. This candle is literally the exact smell of Christmas. It’s straight up like having a forest of Christmas trees in every room in your home. I also dig this candle because it’s soy wax, so you can always burn out the candle, scoop some wax into your hands and use it as a hand/body moisturizer.

Karuna Karma Kit+ Face Mask Set (Sephora, $28)

karuna face masks

What better things for your homebody friend to do while hanging out at home then pop on a sheet mask? I know this is one of my favorite things to do on a Friday night. This kit is great because it has a variety of different masks so your friend can use a different one for each different skin concern they’re facing.