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Oh, hey there, procrastinators. How are y’all doing? Let me guess: you’re currently in a state of total panic because you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping and it’s December 24th. You guys are so predictable!

Anyway, don’t stress. I’m here for you, because I’m one of you (after I finish writing this, I am sprinting to the mall to finish shopping for my mom). The following are 8 super easy last-minute presents you can buy right now. So, what are you waiting for? Go!

A bottle of wine and a wedge of fancy cheese

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Go to a liquor store. Any liquor store will do. Buy the most expensive bottle that your budget allows. Done! (If you can’t make it the liquor store, a bottle from the grocery store will do. In that case, you should also pick up a wedge of fancy cheese, too. Who doesn’t like wine and cheese, right?)

A drugstore spa kit

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Go to the nearest drugstore. Find some sort of cute plastic container or bucket. Fill said container or bucket with face masks, a loofah, body wash, and lotion. Et voila!

A drugstore beauty kit

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Go to the nearest drugstore. Find a cute plastic container or bucket. Fill said container or bucket with your favorite drugstore beauty staples. I recommend Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, a few bottles of Revlon nail polish, and a couple of Wet n’ Wild lipsticks.

A fancy candle

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Go to Bath & Body Works or a department store like Target. Find a fancy candle (or two). Smell it to make sure you think it’s nice, but you should still ask for a gift receipt (who knows—maybe your friend loathes eucalyptus mint). Done!

A personalized “experience” or “date” coupon
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Grab a piece of paper and some crayons. Draw a coupon. Write “This coupon entitles [your loved one’s name here] to one free [special experience here] with [your name here].” The experience might be a trip to a museum, an aquarium, dinner and a movie, whatever your friend would like. And then commit to making it happen. Don’t procrastinate!

A gift certificate

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I am of the belief that gift certificates are the best presents ever, because I love buying things I want without spending my own money. I know that some people think gift certificates are impersonal, but they don’t have to be. Put your thinking cap on for a second and come up with something specifically tailored to your loved one. Is he a vegetarian? Go grab a gift card from that new vegan restaurant in town. Is she a bookworm? Get her a gift card to an independent bookstore.

Flowers or a potted plant

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Many flower stores are open on Christmas Eve, because florists know they can make bank on the 24th of December. Flowers are always a great gift because everybody loves them, but nobody wants to actually spend their own money on them. Find a bunch that look festive if you can, but if not, anything that’s fresh and potted (or in a vase) will do.

Make a donation to a cause close to your loved one’s heart
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A friend once gave me a Christmas card with a little piece of paper that said a donation had been made in my name to the Alzheimer Society of Canada. This is an organization that’s really close to my heart, and I was blown away by the thoughtful gesture. Most charities have websites where you can make online donations, so think of a cause that your friend cares about and donate some money.