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Not everyone loves bright colors, crazy patterns and distinct textures. For someone who’s more a minimalist, organization, simple colors and clean lines are usually what catches their eye. During the holiday season, it might be tempting to opt for that super bright scarf or the rainbow-colored makeup palette, but if your friend’s more of a simple gal, you’re better off sticking with more basic items.

For someone who’s not a minimalist, it can be hard to picture what your simple friend would enjoy. Luckily, you have the Queen of Minimalism writing this article (hey, whassup, hello). It’s safe to say I know a thing or two about living a minimalistic life. So without further ado, here are some perfect gift ideas for me your minimalist friend.

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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit (Sephora, $80)


While your simplistic friend may opt for just some mascara, brows and a lip balm, this highlighting palette is one way for them to step up their makeup game just a tad. It’s full of beautiful highlight, bronzer and blush shades that can help them get their entire complexion glowing with just one palette.

Northern Sky Faux Fur Coat (Threadsence, $59.50)

Northern Sky

What better way to add a little flair to an otherwise minimal closet than with a little faux fur?! We think this is the perfect option since your simple lady of a friend can still appreciate it’s simple colors, but can still amp things up because of this great texture. Bonus: It’ll be super warm for the winter.

Marble iPhone Case (Society6, $35)

Marble iPhone

Marble print is just about everywhere these days from pillows to laptop cases and now to cell phone cases. I think that any conservative gal can appreciate the simplicity of the pattern and, of course, the simple color choices. It will help a bit of spice to your friend’s accessories without going overboard.

Gold Curved Bar Earrings (Etsy, $27)


What would a minimalistic woman be without the perfect pair of simple earrings? That’s right, they’re basically an essential. Whether it’s a cool curved bar, tiny triangles or a straight line, a pair of basic earrings can really put a smile on your friend’s face.
Tarteist Lip Crayon (Tarte, $18)


This incredible 2-in-1 lip crayon will help complete two steps in one that any simple chick will appreciate. It’ll prime your lips and then perfectly color them in with 10 great shades to choose from. For your minimalistic friend, we love the idea of a bold red or a simple neutral.

Bittersweet Flower Design Steel Rose Gold Hair Tie Bracelet (Bittersweet, $45)

Hairtie Bracelet

Many of you first heard me rave about this amazing accessory in another one of my gift guides and I just couldn’t help but sneak it in this one as well. I really can’t get over how amazing of an idea this is and I truly think that every girl needs to have one of these on her wrist. It’s a great way to carry around a hair tie—that you’ll probably end up needing throughout the day—without looking like you have a ton of nonsense on your wrist. It screams minimalism.

Quay Australia My Girl Sunnies (Nasty Gal, $48)

Quay Sunglasses

I’ve seen these beauties on just about every beauty blogger out there and they look amazing on anyone’s face. It can be hard to buy sunglasses for someone else, but with these basic-shaped sunnies, you really can’t go wrong.

Danielle Nicole Alessia Crossbody (Danielle Nicole, $78)

Danielle Nicole

Accessories are a great way to add some fun to an otherwise (maybe too) simple outfit. While your minimalist friend may normally opt for neutral tones for their outfit, this fun pastel purse can become a fun element in their outfit and be a talking piece that’ll surely receive tons of compliments.