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It’s important to find a career you love because chances are you’ll be constantly staying late discussing projects, bringing them home to finish and even letting your job rule your dreams (or nightmares, depending on where you work). Unless you were born into the Kardashian family, you’ll basically be eating, sleeping and living your career.

For the girl in your friend group who wakes up, heads to the office, stays there far after the sun goes down and then wakes up in the morning to do it all again, it’s important for their mental and physical health that they’re surrounded by things that will make them happy.

Whether it’s decorations for her cubicle, a great planner to jot down all the things she needs to complete or a lip color that will last her the entire 12+ hour work day, the girl who spends too much time at the office will appreciate anything that can make her long work day more enjoyable.

We’ve rounded up some of the coolest gifts for your workaholic friend that will surely make her day more delightful.

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Sugar Paper Wall Calendar (Target, $10)


Trying to keep all your ducks in a row when you have 523,754 ducks is a challenge to say the least. For your workaholic BFF, helping her keep her life in order is the best gift you can give her. This adorable wall calendar can help decorate her office as well as help her keep all her to-do’s in order.

Hustle Doormat (Lulu & Georgia, $45)


Workaholics are basically pros at hustling. They’re constantly getting shit done and taking names. This “Hustle” doormat is one way to remind them on their way to and from work that they’re pretty much all around bad bitches and you respect their hustle.

Zazzle Elegant and Abstract Gold Brushstrokes Binder (Zazzle, $23.20)

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Since your office-detained friend has to spend a majority of her life in said office, chances are she wants her office decor to be on point–including her office supplies. We love the idea of having customized binders for every thing she has going on in her life and the beautiful gold brushstroke design doesn’t hurt either.

Amika Limited Edition“After Party” Gift Set (Amika, $48)


If she has time for drinks after work, she’s probably not going to stop home first to get ready. This Amika hair set is the perfect set to give to your workaholic friend so she can keep it at her desk and have it within arm’s reach whenever she gets asked out for drinks. It’s the most handy-dandy set to help keep her blowout on fleek.

Eve Lom The Perfectors Gift Set (Bloomingdales, $125)


What’s worse than staring at a computer for twelve hours a day? Answer: Nothing. For most workaholics, this is their work situation and chances are it’s probably taking a toll on their skin as well. This Eve Lom set is the ultimate luxurious gift that includes a primer, an amazing cleanser and a brightening cream to help their dull, tired skin look alive again.

Kate Spade Agenda (Lulu & Georgia, $29)

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Like we said, a workaholic’s life consists of hundreds of appointments, research and deadlines. What better way to keep all of those in order than with a cute, designer planner? This Kate Spade planner will bring a little color and luxury to any workaholic’s day.

Tarteist Lip Paint (Tarte, $20)


When you’re working 12+ hour days, you probably don’t have time to be touching up your lipstick every couple hours. For that reason exactly, we think that long-lasting lip colors are something your workaholic friend would absolutely appreciate. They’ll be able to go from meeting to meeting without having to worry about getting crumbly lips or faded color after each sip of coffee (and there’s lot of that going on). Not to mention these Tarteist Lip Paints come in so many amazing shades to brighten up your friend’s work day and matching lip liners to help make their lip color look neater for the entire day.

“I Am Very Busy” iPhone Case (Lulu & Georgia, $25)


“I am very busy” is basically every workaholic’s motto. Busy is pretty much their middle name. We think that this phone case is a hilarious way to poke fun at your hard-working friend for spending every spare minute at the office.