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There’s nothing more awkward than starting to date someone new around the holidays. You’re only just getting to know each , so you won’t necessarily be able to pull off a genuinely thoughtful gift, but you want to make sure that they know you don’t just think of them as one of your friends. It’s a weird line to toe, but that doesn’t mean it has to be impossible.

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Below are some gift ideas for your new Tinder boyfriend or girlfriend. You can thank me later.

1. A photo lens for the Instagram-obsessed

magnetic photo lens

Magnetic iPhone/Android Lenses (Photojojo, $20 each)

There’s bound to be at least one person in a new relationship with a deep love for Instagram. Give them the ability to improve their shots tenfold with these cute little magnetic DSLR lenses.

2. A good bottle of wine (or their favorite liquor)

blossom cava

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If you’ve been on a couple of dates with someone, you probably know their drink of choice. Bonus points if the packaging is on point.

3. A scarf for the colder weather

plaid scarf

Italian Wool-Blend Scarf in Classic Plaid (J.Crew, $40.50)

It’s a gift that’s both seasonally appropriate and universally-loved. If I got a soft scarf from someone I’d just started seeing, I certainly wouldn’t be mad about it.

4. Jewelry

polka orb

Polka Orb Slim Cuff (BaubleBar, $32)

Pro tip, guys: if you’re not sure if she has pierced ears or not, just go with something else.

5. A cologne, shaving, or skincare set

motley cologne

The Motley Cologne Collection (The Motley, $50)

It’s too early to try to change a beauty routine or influence the way they dress, but that doesn’t mean you can’t nudge them in a certain director.

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6. Candles or incense


Aspen Bay Candles Cosmic Crack Candle (Urban Outfitters, $12 each)

It’s not tacky so long as you actually pick out a scent that doesn’t smell like burning hair.

7. A drinking game

bar dice game

Lucky 7’s Bar Dice Game (Urban Outfitters, $7)

Know your audience with this one, but there are lots of cute drinking games out there that make for great gifts.

8. A Netflix subscription


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Now he won’t have to steal yours or his roommate’s when you want to binge-watch House of Cards

9. Tickets to something you can do together


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I’m not saying you should buy Adele tickets together (though if you can get your hands on a pair, you’re probably God and can do whatever you want). If there’s a movie or concert coming up in the next couple of weeks that you know you both want to attend, go for it. Just make sure it’s not so high-pressure; that means no vacations.