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Weirdly enough, I’ve always found it most difficult to buy presents for my sister. For a few years, we would buy each other silly gifts that we each knew the other wanted (one year I got her a pillowcase shaped like a stuffed pig, and another she got me a Harry Potter Snuggie that looked like a Gryffindor robe), and that worked well. But now that we’re both older, it falls upon us to buy good gifts for one another that’ll fulfill three requirements: 1) We’ll actually use them, because neither of us has room for useless junk in our apartments; 2) They show that we actually know one another’s tastes; and 3) Aren’t gifts that we’d buy anyone else. The same, I’m sure, is true of anyone buying gifts for their brother. It can be surprisingly tough.

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While it would be easier if we could just buy everyone Chipotle gift cards and be done with it, that’s not how the world works. But in the spirit of Christmas and whatever other holiday you’re celebrating, here are some gift ideas to make the shopping process a little bit easier:

For Your Sister

1. Sister Morse Code Bracelet (Etsy, $15.30)

sister morse code

Remember those “sisters 4ever” necklaces you used to buy from Claire’s? The ones you would split in half and give to your sister so you would each have one half of a heart around your neck? Well, this is the grown-up version of that, and it’s small and delicate enough that, even if she’s not much of a jewelry person, she’ll be able to wear it anywhere.

2. Island Ferry Rust Orange Sweater (Lulu*s, $48)

island ferry

I don’t know a girl on earth who doesn’t want a cozy, chunky oversized sweater for the colder months.

3. Bite Beauty Discovery Set (Sephora, $55)


This kit is perfect for makeup geeks and beauty newbies alike! It has everything you could want to try from a high-quality brand.

4. Bitches Get Stuff Done Print (Etsy, $18)

bitches get stuff done

For your #girlboss of a sister.

5. Layla Oil Slick Headphones (FRENDS, $112.45)

layla oil slick

I’ve been eyeing these headphones ever since I saw the FRENDS collaboration with BaubleBar last year, and your sister probably has too. These are just so much cooler than the standard earbuds that everyone has.

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For Your Brother

Important author’s note: please don’t ever buy your brother underwear. It’s weird.

1. Craft A Cocktail Kit (Urban Outfitters, $20)

cocktail kit

Now you won’t have to explain to your brother that pouring half a glass of gin and a splash of soda doesn’t make a good gin and tonic.

2. Men’s Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt (L.L. Bean, $44.95)


So I know flannels aren’t everyone’s style, but what sister doesn’t want to try to revamp a brother’s wardrobe at least a little bit? And hey, if he really doesn’t want it, then you’ve got yourself a nice new flannel!

3. SoundTrue Around-Ear Headphones (Bose, $89.95)


Because he probably doesn’t want the rainbow headphones I mentioned earlier.

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4. The Motley All-Stars Kit (The Motley, $48)


Because guys have beauty routines, too.

5. A Book On A Favorite Subject


Baseball: A History of America’s Favorite Game (Amazon, $12.50)

Baseball is just one example—this could really be a book about anything. If your bro talks about movies or history all the time, I can guarantee that there’s a book out there that he’ll love.