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Flowers and chocolates are all good and well, but Valentine’s Day isn’t just about clichés. If your partner is more into the sentimentality of the holiday and just wants you to put some thought into a gift, it’s actually pretty easy to get them a good one.

I would avoid the clichés as much as possible, which means down with the lingerie they’ll never wear or the cologne they probably just put on to appease you. Step away from the novelty underwear and gag gifts, trust me. Personally, I’m all about the alcoholic gifts (that is, gifts that are alcohol), because you know what they like and you know they’ll enjoy it. It also means that if you also enjoy the same kind of booze as them, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

So in the spirit of gift giving that actually matters, here are some gifts your SO will enjoy.

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Booze and/or Coffee


Look, there are two ways you should go if you’re getting a liquid gift, and both of them tend to be the life blood of most functioning adults. A good bottle of alcohol or a fancy cold brew is a great way to say “Hey, I love you and your vices.”

Lagavuilin 16 Year (Master of Malt, $57.79)
Brooklyn Diamond Coldbrew Coffee (Brooklyn Diamond Coffee, Locations Vary)



A box subscription is awesome, because not only are you giving them a gift that lasts longer than that box of chocolates you got, you can find something you both will enjoy together. You can get something like a dinner subscription box that’ll get you both in the kitchen, or go for the more practical approach.

Blue Apron (Blue Apron, 4 Weeks/$40)
Dollar Shave Club (6 months/$80)



I know it’s a cliché in itself to say that experiences make the best Valentine’s Day gifts, but they really do. Got for something crazy like a hot air balloon ride or relaxing like a super-cool glamping weekend.

Hot Air Balloon Ride (Above the Clouds, $250/person)
Plato Island Resort & Marina (, $225/night)

Sentimental Pieces


If you aren’t the most romantic person out there, meet your new best friend: Etsy. You can find so many cool things that will make it seem like you really put thought into what you were going to get, but in fact, you just clicked the Purchase button.

Custom Reclaimed Wood Photos (Etsy, $25)
Wedding Coordinates Necklace (Etsy, $28)