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G(irls)20 Summit

Learn all about the inaugural G(irls) 20 summit – what it is, how you can get involved, and what the participants hope to accomplish.

  • What Is G(irls) 20?
    Next month, b5media will be a media partner for the G(irls)20 Summit in Toronto. The summit, which is modeled after the G20, aims to empower women and girls throughout the world. 20 young women, one representing each of the G20’s participating nations, will take part in a multiday conversation about women’s issues around the world.
  • Video: Learn More About G(irls) 20
    The conference, which is modeled after the G20, brings young women from each of the participating G20 nations together to address women’s issues around the world. Even if you can’t attend, you can get involved. The conference’s slogan is “What’s Your Number?”
  • G(irls)20 Summit Day One: Empowerment, Respect, and a Lot of Tears
    On a rainy morning in Toronto, women from around the world – including the 21 young women selected as delegates from their respective nations – gathered to address the big issue of the summit: What is the biggest problem facing women and girls today, and what can we do about it?
  • Meet Some of the Delegates: July Lee (USA), Maria Julieta Leiva (Argentina), and Kartika Nurhayati (Indonesia)
    July Lee may be nineteen years old, but she’s already more world-wise than many people twice her age. Born in Mexico to parents who had immigrated from China, she moved to southern California at age six.
  • G(irls)20 Summit Day Two: Molding Future TheGloss Bloggers
    When I was invited to teach a blogging seminar as part of the G(irls)20 summit, I was worried that all the delegates – who range in age from 18 to 20 – would be way more web-savvy than I was. So this morning’s presentation wasn’t about nuts and bolts “so, this is the internet” stuff: it was about connecting people from all over the world.
  • Movie Review: Christy Turlington’s ‘No Woman, No Cry’
    During the opening sequence of her documentary No Woman No Cry, Christy Turlington admits that she led a pretty charmed life, but something happened the day that she gave birth to her daughter and there were complications: “I went from invincible to powerless.” Though Turlington got medical care and both she and her daughter were fine,  she realized how fortunate she was to have access to quality maternity care.
  • G(irls)20 Day Three: The Delegates State Their Cases
    After presenting their communique, several of the delegates responded to questions from the audience (including yours truly in part 3). Thanks to Natalie from Google for getting video of the Q&A. You can also view more at the G(irls)20 official YouTube page.