Everyone is worried about the economy right now.  As a concerned citizen, I appreciate every effort made to increase employment.  I’m all for the FDR approach, employ people to dig holes and then hire someone else to fill them back up.  That’s a quote of his, right?

However, I think a field with ten million holes might be a little more fun than the plan being put in to place in Kentucky.  Seriously, you could have one hell of a game of hide-and-seek.  Or each hole could be like it’s own little universe.  Go down one hole and you’re at the bottom of the ocean, go down another and you’ve made it China (who doesn’t want to dig to China?), down another and you meet a tripped out catepillar and floating cat.  Honestly, this is becoming a great idea, I hope Indiana’s Governor is taking note.

Sorry, back to Kentucky.  While I’d visit Hole Land anytime, I’m not sure that I’ll be traveling to Grant County, Kentucky for the Ark Encounter.  The Governor there has loaded up tax incentives on a company building a Bible-based theme park, complete with Noah’s ark replica, a Tower of Babel and special effects showing Moses and the 10 plagues.  While I’m all for making religious education fun and exciting, I just don’t think that me and my family want to take a walk through the Old Testament.  For those of you interested in touring this unique theme park, there’s also a Creationist Museum close by.  Just so you know.

In the spirit of Kentucky and their great big boat, I’ve put together a slide show of some other tourist attractions that I’m not interested in visiting.  Call me old fashioned, but maybe we’ll just head to Disney World.[ITPGallery]