17 year old supermodel Karlie Kloss recently gave an interview to Teen Vogue, and Good Lord, she is adorable. Like, we’re convinced she rode to the interview on the back of a unicorn while singing to woodland creatures. This girl, she poos rainbows. Why? Here is why:

1) the interviewer suggested going to get manicures and pedicures and Karlie said “would you want to go to Central Park and make snow angels with us instead?”

2) She baked peanut butter cookies for Alexander Wang

3) She is currently reading The Great Gatsby

4) She brings her high school English teacher to couture shows

5) She’s planning a trip to Haiti to assist earthquake survivors

6) She’s really excited that the boys in her class are finally getting to be the same height as her

7) She’s founded a charity called Karlie Cares to help children in third world countries

8) She has a crush on Tom Brady, which is sort of nicer than having a crush on anyone Kate Moss has ever dated

9) SHE IS ON A FIRST NAME BASIS WITH KARL. I mean, so are we, except he doesn’t speak to us or know who we are (Karl, this post is coming from inside your house!)

10) You read the part where she and Karl are friends and know each other for real, right?

So, okay, she either is the nicest girl ever, or she is ridiculously well press trained and immediately after this interview she went and did some vodka shots while playing Russian Roulette with Brighton Beach mobsters. Either way, Karlie, we’d make snow angels with you any day.